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Probate can be stressful and over whelming.

Let us help.



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What is Probate?

`Probate` is the legal process involved in the administration of a person`s estate when they die. 


A grant of probate must be applied for by the executor of the Will, once granted you are legally responsible for administering the estate and distributing assets in accordance with their Last Will and Testament. 


Why use a professional? 

  • Probate from start to finish can be complex, stressful and can be extremely time consuming.

  • If you are an inexperienced executor, also known as a 'Lay' executor, you may not be aware of all your responsibilities, fail to properly apply for probate or set up trusts. This could result in the deceased's assets not being protected for the intended beneficiaries.

  • The finalising of an estate can sometimes take many years, especially when there is complex tax planning.

  •  We can deal with the administration process quickly and efficiently, taking the stress away from you. The whole process can be overwhelming for some people.

  • As an executor you would face unlimited personal legal liability if you do not dispense an estate properly. In many cases executors have distributed assets too early to beneficiaries, this has then resulted in them having to use their own monies to settle the estate. 

Why not arrange a free initial meeting with us to discuss how we can help you with Probate.

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