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What happens when I have a Will written?

The thought of writing a Will can often fill us with dread, no-one wants to think about leaving their family behind!

As we are qualified Will Writers in Stockton, we receive lots of feedback from local people. They often tell us writing a Will is something they have been putting off for a number of reasons but mainly due to their busy lifestyles, the potential cost, but more often because they believe it will be a difficult process.

We at Holistic Law aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.

So, what is the process?

Well initially, we would have a no obligation friendly chat either in person or on the telephone, whichever you feel more comfortable with. We would discuss what you are looking to get out of your Will and give you pointers to think about after our discussion.

If you then wish to take the Will writing process further, we will arrange a mutually convenient meeting either in our Stockton office or in the comfort of your own home to take down all of your instructions. We will guide you through this meeting.

At this meeting we would confirm;

  • Personal details – basic details on yourself and any children you may have

  • Estate details – we take note of any Properties, pensions, investments, monies and liabilities (e.g., mortgage/loans) you have

  • Executors – who you chose to be responsible for distributing your estate according to your Will

  • Guardians – if you have children, we will ask who you wish to take care of them in the event of your death

  • Gifts – any specific gifts you wish to leave to someone, this could be a piece of jewellery, a car, cash lump sums or even a family heirloom

  • Beneficiaries – who you wish to inherit your estate

  • Funeral wishes – we can also include any funeral wishes you have such as whether you would prefer a burial or cremation and any specifics such as a particular church/cemetery or songs you would like to be played

We take all your Will instructions, ultimately though what goes into your Will is your decision - after all it is your last Will and Testament.

Once we have all these details, we then have a draft Will written for you to check and make any changes. When you are happy with the draft we then produce a final Will.

The signing of the Will would then be the concluding step of the whole process. This would require two independent witnesses (who do not need to know the contents of your Will). The witnesses sign the Will after you, this is to confirm that it is indeed you signing, that you are happy with the Will contents and that you haven’t been coerced into signing and that you have the mental capacity to sign.

All done!

Final thought – if you want a local, friendly, and approachable family business to make the whole process as relaxed as possible and provide you with a Will that reflects your wishes. Then message, ring, drop in and chat to us at Holistic Law.


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